The Florida Society of Goldsmiths is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which was formed  by metalsmiths in 1984 to aid and support other metalsmiths through meetings, publicity, workshops, and exhibitions. FSG is divided into six regionally based chapters: West Panhandle, Northwest, Northeast, West Coast, Southwest, and Southeast. Each region sponsors workshops and educational programs on the local, state and/or national level. The six chapters are coordinated by the state organization composed of an Executive Director, Board of Directors, and Representatives from the individual chapters. FSG members are primarily active metalsmiths and jewelry crafts people. There are no limits to the kinds of metals or techniques employed. Members’ work runs the gamut from platinum, gold, silver, and precious metal clay to found object pieces. Click here for a brief history.

If you are interested in joining FSG, click here for membership information.


The Florida Society of Goldsmiths (FSG) desires to broaden public awareness and appreciation of fine quality handcrafted metal pieces.  FSG publishes a newsletter four times annually to inform the members about activities and pertinent metals information. FSG makes available to its members:

  • Lectures, monthly meetings
  • Shows, exhibits, workshops
  • Video library, slides
  • Lending library, books periodicals
  • Technical information
  • World renowned metalsmiths
  • National and statewide affiliations
  • Memberships at large


We are currently without permanent studio space. Classes are being organized at various locations around Tallahassee. Watch our event calendar and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest information.