Art Metal Makers 2017

Art Metal Makers 2017

Held at Wildacres, North Carolina

Classes Tuesday, Oct. 17-Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017check in Mon. 16th-check out Sun. 22nd.

  • John Cogswell – Creative Stone Setting
  • David Jones – From Scratch Fabrication
  • Tim Lazure – Bringing Brooches Back
  • Liza Nechamkin- Chasing and Repousse
  • Richard Salley – Clasps and Hinges

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David Jones – From Scratch Fabrication

With a focus on traditional and sometimes inventive techniques and approaches, we will dive into the beautiful, limitless world of metal fabrication.  Students will make jewelry and/or small scale sculpture depending on individual interests.

Techniques will include sawing, forging, soldering, forming, wire and sheet making, patinas, cold connecting and stamping.  The workshop will include information about the use of recycled metals and materials and where to source them.  We will have ongoing demonstrations and critiques.

Projects will be assigned but are not “required” as some students may have projects or avenues of their own.

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Tim Lazure – Bringing Brooches Back

The brooch is one of the oldest and most charming forms of jewelry. A perfect blend of function and personal adornment, the brooch is making a comeback in the contemporary art field.

Brooches function like small paintings or sculptures for the blouse or lapel. During this workshop, students will be encouraged to explore different ways brooches can be constructed and embellished.

Techniques to be investigated include, but are not limited to, die pressing, hammer forming, stone setting, texturing and creating a variety of hand-make pin backs. Students may also work with alternative materials and found objects to complement their personal aesthetic. Students will be encouraged to come up with original designs that embody their personal vision facilitated through discussions about design and inspiration.

Experience level: beginner to intermediate – basic sawing and soldering skills would be helpful

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Liza Nechamkin- Chasing and Repousse

Few techniques allow such a high degree of uniqueness to be added to fine metal work as chasing and repousse. It has been employed around the world for centuries and continues to be used despite the advent of mechanized processes.

This class will use a foundation in jewelry scale work to cover most aspects of chasing and repousse. Emphasis will be placed on comprehension of process, with 3 studies. Advanced or intermediate students can complete each study to a finish if desired. Studies used are chosen by Liza to cover particular skills.

Techniques covered will be: Safely working with pitch, preparing a pitch bowl, correct use of tools, design transfer to metal, chasing decorative line, moderately high and low relief and direct and indirect repousse.  Repousse on hollowware will be demonstrated through use of snarling irons. Production studio applications will be discussed. Tool making will be demonstrated. Chasing hammers and chasing tools will be available for optional purchase.

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Richard Salley – Clasps and Hinges

This workshop will focus on clasps, hinges and related mechanisms that will expand your jewelry making skills. You will reach a new level of fabrication complexity that will open up new design possibilities for your work.

You will learn to make box clasps (a couple of variations), spring clasps, fold-over clasps, threaded tube clasps and safety catches, and simple padlocks. Then we will dive into hinges, including single-knuckle hinges, multi-knuckle hinges, coil hinges, cold-rolled hinges, stand-off hinges and a special technique I’ve developed for “no fail”, perfectly aligned hinges. We will also work with taps and dies to add more mechanical options to your repertoire.

While learning the mechanisms listed above; you will be challenged to create a completed piece of jewelry that incorporates one or more of your newly acquired skills…this could be a pendant, bracelet, ring, brooch, whatever your imagination dictates. This will be optional, but it will give you a chance to practice what you learn and something to work on in down time or evenings.

This workshop is geared towards Intermediate-Advanced levels. Sawing and soldering proficiency required.

Visit my website ( or find me on Facebook to see some examples of clasps and hinges in my work to give you an idea of what the workshop will cover and to get your imagination fired up as to what you might want to make.

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John Cogswell – Creative Stone Setting

Sold out – contact Jean Marie at [email protected] for wait list.

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